D-Star Registration

To register with your callsign on the worldwide D-STAR network using WB1GOF, please click here. You only need to register once, the registration on WB1GOF will work worldwide.

PLEASE return to this page after you have completed the initial registration above and READ the instructions below!
finish the registration process below to complete your registration!

Once your registration has been approved by the admin, return to https://wb1gof.dstargateway.org/Dstar.do and login. You might want to refer to the YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPp8DHB9arQ start at time 4:30 in to the video to see how to complete your registration.  

Setting and Maintaining your Personal Information:
When you have received an initial confirmation e-mail from the Gateway Administrator approving your application you will be able to setup your specific callsign(s) and radio information to access the Gateway. These steps must be followed exactly. 
  • Select the local D-Star Gateway that you have registered with. 
  • Enter your Callsign and Password and select the LOGIN option. THE CALLSIGN MUST BE IN UPPER CASE. 
  • When you have logged in correctly, select the "Personal Information" option. 
  • Your details should be displayed with a table comprising your callsign(s) and IP addresses. 
    Note: You can have a maximum of 8 individual Callsigns and D-Star radios registered through the Gateway. 
Registering a Single Callsign / Radio:If you only wish to register a single callsign on the D-Star network, perform the following steps: 
  • Tick the left hand side "Check" box next to the top listed callsign. 
  • Enter a space character eg:" " in the Initial field. Do not just leave it blank, it must contain a SPACE character. 
  • Click the Update button. 
  • If there are any errors, they will be displayed in red at the top of the page. 
  • Select the Terminal Information option from the top of the page. 
  • Enter your callsign in the Target CS field and click on Filter. 
  • If your details have been entered correctly it should look something like this:

Pasted Graphic

It’s also recommended that you follow these steps so you are "visible" on the net: 
http://www.ircddb.net/live-vis.htmlYou will then be able to see your transmissions at http://live2.ircddb.net:8080/ircddblive5.html as well as hhttp://dstardb.ae7q.com/index.php

It will take one overnight period to update your call sign information on the D-Star servers. Changes made on WB1GOF are immediate.
Have fun with D-Star!


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