PART is a general interest radio club located in Westford, Massachusetts. Established in the mid-70's, it has served the town of Westford and surrounding communities for over 30 years.

The club is administered by a group of officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Member-at-Large. These officers constitute the Board of Directors for the club. Other administrative positions are identified in the club bylaws. The Board of Directors may also choose to have other non-voting members attend Board meetings.

Elections are held each September at the monthly meeting. Any club member can run and serve as an officer. (For practical purposes, it is preferred that officers be over 18 years of age.) Club members in good standing (those that have paid their dues for the year) vote in these elections.
Club dues are collected each January at the monthly meeting by the club Treasurer. New members may pay their dues to the Treasurer at any time. Please see the club application form for more details.

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NOTE: The WB1GOF "*" service on 146.520 is no longer available

At the September 2014 PART monthly meeting, Andy, KB1OIQ did a presentation on the past 5 years of the club. You can download the slides here