Police Amateur Radio Team  (P.A.R.T.)
Member Guide to WB1GOF Repeaters

General Stuff:
·         All 3 of the repeaters are located at the water tower at Prospect Hill in Westford. The top of the tower antenna elevation is 579 feet/AMSL. The exact location is N42.34.36 W71.26.33. Transmitters are located in the AT&T cell site. We are running 55 watts on 146.955 and 18 watts on both 145.330 and 442.450 D-Star repeaters. As of February 2011, the 145.330 MHz antenna is about 90 feet BELOW the other 2 repeater antennas on top of the communications building at the base of the water tower.
·         On 146.955 Mhz. Set your CTCSS encoder and decoder (if desired) to 74.4 Hz.
·         Repeater ID is set at 9.5 minutes, use it as your guide for your identification, when you hear the repeater ID, then you should ID and your station and the WB1GOF will always meet the FCC requirement of 10 minutes between ID.
·         For 145.330 MHz and 442.450 Mhz (D-Star) settings, click here

Interesting maps for the repeaters can be found below:

Prospect Hill summit information:

146.955 analog repeater coverage map:

442.450 D-Star coverage map:

Line of sight plot for the above 2 repeaters