PART Weekly Net


PART holds a weekly net on its 2m repeater (146.955 MHz, -600 KHz, 74.4 PL) each Sunday evening at 8 PM local time. All radio amateurs are encouraged to check in. The general flow of the net is as follows:

  • Preamble. The net control operator will read some introductory remarks and make general announcements.
  • Call for check-ins by category, first stations with traffic, then stations without traffic. When checking in, please say, "THIS IS...", stop transmitting, listen for the courtesy tone from the repeater, then state your name. This procedure helps reduce "doubling" with multiple operators calling simultaneously.
  • The net control operator will read back the call signs heard during each set of check-ins. Listen for your call. If you do not hear it, wait until the net control operator asks for further check-ins and try again.
  • Follow all instructions from the net control operator.
  • Do not leave the net until it is closed, or you are excused.

Net Control operators:

Rick, W1RAG
Dave, WI1R
John, WB1HBE
Andy, KB1OIQ
Alan, K1ALL
Bill, K1NS