Re: Laconia bike week freq's ?

Based on past and routine practices....

155.4750 PL136.5 - "LP-2" Primary BW Ops
151.3250 P25 - NHSP Troop-E Ops (and for BW Troop "W" Primary)
159.3150 P25 - NHSP "Talk-1" (Car-to-Car)
155.7900 P25 - Laconia Police Primary

159.9000 DPL331 - Lakes Region M/A Ch-1 Dispatch (all but Weirs Area)
160.1100 DPL331 - Lakes Ch-2 BW Dispatch
160.1550 DPL331 - Lakes Ch-3 Secondary
154.2800 PL136.5- Lakes Ch-4 Statewide Fireground
154.3025 DPL331 - Lakes Ch-5 Fireground
154.9875 DPL331 - Lakes Ch-6 Fireground (also Ch7-9 Repeater Output)
155.3250 PL141.3- DHART helo Ops
155.3475 PL136.5- Med Helo LZ Coord "Med Tac-2"
453.6500 PLvaries Southern Maine Med Helo Ops (Tx 458.6500)

Pretty much everything happens for PD on LP-2 and for SP on NHSP Troop-E (W). Additional traffic happens on Laconia Police including some out of town officers assigned that channel. The Communications/Command Center is set up in the Community Center above the Weirs Firehouse and dispatchers are called "Station-W" (LP-2) and "Troop-W" (Trp-E/W Freq). Troop-W assumes dispatch for W and E for the period. Some SP units are encrypted. Most are not. Additional repeaters and voting equipment has been brought in the past to the weirs to beef up the "E" repeater system.

Lakes Region M/A dedicates a dispatcher to Ch-2 and everything in Metro-Weirs is handled there. I believe Ch-4 is still the primary Tactical but not 100% sure.

Other frequencies may be used for car-to-car, tactical or BS traffic.

John Marcel/K1FDD
Penacook, NH

Last Year, the Troop-E frequency, 151.325, was the primary frequency for NHSP operations. They set up receivers and apparently some repeaters in the weirs area that tied into the E system and were specifically called "W". Troop-W was in full swing. At one point, W's system was down and all units were told to operate on E. Some local units were also on W, but it wasn't the local PD's channel. Also some SP units were encrypted P25. Talk-1 (159.315) was also in use although I never heard it personally (I was in Concord). If they do what they did last year, you should be able to hear most of the SP operations on Troop-E (151.325).

155.475 still appeared to be the primary area PD channel.

Also Laconia PD on 155.790 saw increased activity last year from neighboring PD's and state/county agencies. But again it didn't become the area PD's primary. LPD still operates in analog mode (PL-114.8), but almost all mobiles/portables are APCO-25 compatible and they do use it from time-to-time (dispatcher doesn't hear them or hears the P25 jibberish). You may see P25 use increased here.

John Marcel
Concord, NH Fire Comm.

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Some NH SP freqs for Station W

156.0900 136.5 LP South
155.9100 136.5 LP North
155.4750 136.5 Statewide Car to Car
159.3150 p-25 SP Talk
155.5050 ??? p-25 in use???
159.4650 p-25 F & G Talk

Last year Station W had different repeater input the troop E for the week. Any one with info. Is the new repeater in use? What is it called?

155.5125 p-25 new use at NHIS track (158.9025 input)


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Date: Saturday, June 12, 2004 12:54 PM

Motorcycle Weekend has commenced although officially it's the weekend of the 16th-18th.

Some frequencies of interest are (&/or might be)

F1 - 159.9000/D331 - General Dispatch
F2 - 160.1100/D331 - "Laconia" Dispatch
F3 - 160.1550/D331 - Fireground
F4 - 154.2800/136.5- Statewide Fireground
F5 - 154.3025/D331 - Fireground
F6 - 154.9875/D331 - Fireground
F7-F9 are also 154.9875 as Command Repeaters
As the week progresses, Lakes Region begins handling all Laconia calls on Ch-2 with a separate designated dispatcher.

155.790/114.8 - Laconia Dispatch
155.640/114.8 - Laconia Secondary
155.490/136.5 - Gilford Dispatch
158.790/136.5 - Gilford Secondary
155.370/173.8 - Meredith Dispatch (maybe different PL)

154.830/136.5 - Dispatch
154.085/136.5 - Backup???
151.250/????? - New Frequency

155.475/136.5- All Police Units "Troop-W" & "Station-W"
159.315/P25 - Car-to-Car "Talk 1"
151.325/P25 - Troop E Primary
156.210/P25 - Troop D Primary
156.090/136.5- LP-South Interagency
155.910/136.5- LP-North Interagency

It unknown how much the State Police frequencies are used and if they use channels/frequencies other than above. Or how they differ from years past. State Police will set up shop by Friday and I hope to make it up there this year.

John Marcel/K1FDD
Concord, NH Fire Dispatch

Laconia Radio Frequencies

159.900 / D331 - Laconia Fire Dispatch
(See Lakes Region below)

155.790 / 114.8 - Police Primary Repeater (Some P25)
155.010 / 136.5 - Police Secondary (seldom used)
155.640 / 114.8 - Police tie to Conway PD

156.180 / 136.5 - Dept of Public Works
153.680 / 118.8 - Laconia Water Works

154.830 / 136.5 - Belknap County Sheriff Dispatch
154.740 / 136.5 - Belknap County Corrections

453.225 / 179.9 - Lakes Region Transit Authority

854.4875/ 151.4 - NH Marine Patrol
155.805 / 141.3 - State Prison Operations
159.150 / Astro - NH Marine Patrol, Digital Operations
171.525 / multi - White Mountain National Forest (WMNF Headquarters is located on North Main St in Laconia).

Lakes Region Fire Frequencies

159.900 331 Ch 1 - Dispatch
160.110 331 Ch 2 - Backup / Fireground
160.155 331 Ch 3 - Fireground
154.280 136.5 Ch 4 - Lakes/Statewide Fireground
154.3025 331 Ch 5 - Fireground Mobile Only
154.9875 331 Ch 6 - Fireground Mobile / Ch 7-9 Direct
154.9875 331 Ch 7 - "A" Repeater Mt. Belknap
154.9875 331 Ch 8 - "B" Repeater Tenney Mtn.
154.9875 331 Ch 9 - "C" Repeater Mt Tecumseh
150.7975 MULTI Input to Channels 7-9
453.4125 331 Downlink Tenney Mtn. - Rpts 159.900


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