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This Resources section has local area information, emergency communications references, archives of presentations from PART meetings, and the former PART newsletter "PARTicles." Click on the "Resources" tab above to access this information.

  Local Nets

146.955 Nets

  • Sunday night at 2000/8:00 PM Sunday Night PART Net
  • Wednesday night at 2000/8:00 PM Billerica Amateur Radio Society (BARS) Net
  • Sector 1C Emergency Communications Net – this net occurs the first Monday of every month (except if a holiday) at 1930/7:30 PM, and during emergencies.
  • Skywarn and ARES Nets – these nets are spontaneous when local conditions warrant.

442.450 D-Star Nets

  • Sunday 8:00 PM International D-STAR Net – Reflector 001C
  • Tuesday 8:00 PM New England Amateur D-STAR Net – Reflector 069C
  • Tuesday 9:00 PM North Carolina D-STAR Net — Reflector 054C
  • Friday 9:00 PM CanNet D-Star Net – XRF905B

145.330 D-Star Nets

  • Friday 9:00 PM CanNet D-STAR Net — XRF038A (Connected to superreflector XRF905)

West Middlesex ARES Net - 147.435 PL 110.9 Simplex

  • Second Tuesday 7:00 PM local
  • Operates from Stow Fire station
  • Remote base in Stow Center

28.400 MHz SSB

  • Nightly at 7:30 PM local
  • Informal rag chew during "social distancing."

Massachusetts Distracted Driving Law

The Massachusetts Distracted Driving law now prohibits the use of electronic devices, including cellphones and tablets, by the operators of motor vehicles unless the technology is being used hands-free. However, the law states that "a person may operate a motor vehicle while using a federally licensed 2–way radio or mobile telephone, except as provided in sections 8M, 12A and 13B, as long as 1 hand remains on the steering wheel at all times." Drivers who are under the age of 18 are not allowed to use any electronic devices.

References are:
Distracted Driving Law. It's recommended that hams print this law and keep a copy in their vehicle along with a copy of their Amateur Radio license.
Section 8M. No driver under the age of 18 may operate any electronic device.
Section 12A. Applicable to operators of vehicles engaged in public transportation.
Section 13B. No texting.

Note that this law applies only to Massachusetts. Most states have enacted similar laws with different restrictions.

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