WB1GOF D-Star Status

Legend: WB1GOF B=442.450 MHz and WB1GOF C=145.330 MHz

Callsigns in RED have GPS data associated with them. Click on the call.

You can see “live” data on the WB1GOF D-STAR B & C repeaters by clicking on this link.
It will ONLY display those coming in via the RF side. If you are connected directly to the reflector (50C on UHF or 38A on VHF) via DVDongle, DVAP or a hotspot, your call sign data will NOT appear here.
You may notice that many of the calls are NOT displayed… only asterisks! The reason for this has to do with EU privacy laws. You can enable your call to be seen by entering “VIS   ON” in the URCALL field (versus CQCQCQ) and then press the PTT button on the GOF D-STAR repeater. After you've done this, put "CQCQCQ" back into the URCALL field; the "VIS ON" status will be permanently stored on the network. More at

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