PART Gallery


PART Meeting September 2014, Andy on PART, Rich W1RAG Tents
PART Meeting August 2014, Colin Brench W1DJR RFI
PART Meeting July 2014, Field Day Rap-up, WRTC pictures, 13 Colonies
PART Meeting June 2014. SpaceCat II, Field Day Bob Glorioso
PART Meeting May 2014
PART Meeting April 2014, Vadim (KB1RLI) Afonkin ARDF
PART Meeting March 2014, Bob Glorioso Field Day, WRTC 2014 Doug Grant K1DG, Dave Pascoe, KM3T
PART Meeting February 2014, Terry Glagowski (W1TR) Erecting Tower
PART Meeting January 2014, Bo Budinger DX Antennas
PART Meeting November 2013, Show and tell
PART Meeting Octoberr 2013, Andy Stewart Ham Ubuntu Distribution
PART Meeting September 2013, Mark (K1MGY) Richards MS Society Challenge, John (KB1MGI) Salmi and Andy (KB1OIQ) Stewart fox hunting
PART Meeting August 2013, Rick Green W1RWG Solar Weather
PART Meeting July 2013, Bob Glorioso W1IS Field Day Wrapup, Charlie Learoyd K1PUB 13 Colonies Wrapup
PART Meeting June 2013, Bob Glorioso Field Day, Brent and Bryce Salmi Amsat Power Controller
PART Meeting May 2013. Bob Glorioso W1IS Field Day. Fred Kemmerer His Station
PART Meeting April 2013, Allison Parent TenTec, Andy Stewart Homemade Antennas
PART Meeting February 2013, Scott NE1RD and Fred AB1OC Buddy Poles
PART Meeting January 2013, Show and Tell
PART Holiday Party 2012
PART Meeting October 2012, Ernie Bauer Satellites
PART Meeting September 2012, Rick Green Field Day, Dennis Marandos NEQRP
PART Meeting August 2012, Show and Tell
PART Meeting July 2012, Bo Budinger Field Day
PART Meeting June 2012, Bob Glorioso W1IS Field Day
PART Meeting May 2012, Dave Pascoe KM3T WRTC2014
PART Meeting April 2012, Mauri Niininen, AG1LE Flex Radio 3000
PART Meeting March 2012, Fred & Anita Kemmerer Bora Bora
PART Meeting February 2012, Eric Falkof  K1NUN Stealth Antenna
PART Meeting January 2012, Scott NE1RD Antennas
PART Holiday Party 2011
PART Meeting November 2011, Show and Tell
PART Meeting October 2011 Scott NE1RD, Rich AB1HD MACs
PART Meeting September 2011, Scott NE1RD Kit, Terry KA8SCP EMCOMM
PART Meeting August 2011, RITCHIE-1 High Altitude Balloon, Brent & Bryce Salimi
PART Meeting July 2011, Field Day Wrapup
PART Meeting June 2011 Field Day discussion
PART Meeting May 2011 Scott Andersen NE1RD 100 Pound DXpedition, 13 Colonies Charlie Learoyd, K1PUB
PART Meeting April 2011 K1P Wrapup Andy Stewart, CW Show and Tell
PART Meeting March 2011 Donna Halper Radio History
PART Meeting February 2011 Frank M Etzler (N8WXQ) HF Propagation Software
PART Holiday Party 2010
PART Meeting November 2010 Show and Tell
PART Meeting October 2010 John Beanland Antennae
PART Meeting September 2010, Bo Budinger on PART, Scott Andersen DX operation
PART Meeting August 2010 Rich Green Breakfast after FD, Dennis Blanchard K1YPP
PART Meeting July 2010 Rich Green Field Day
PART Meeting June 2010 Charles Suprin FD,Charlie Learoyd
PART Meeting May 2010 Field Day Charles Suprin & 100 lb DXPedition Scott Anderson NE1RD
PART Meeting April 2010 Phil Temples, Ernie Bauer, Terry Stader
PART Meeting March 2010 Paul Wade W1GHZ Microwaves
PART Holiday Dinner December 2009
PART Meeting November 2009 Vadim Afonkin (KB1RLI) ARDF
PART Meeting October 2009 Mike Goldberg OO
PART Meeting September 2009 Greg Algieri  Vector Network Analyzer
PART Meeting August 2009
PART Meeting July 2009
PART Meeting June 2009
PART Meeting May 2009
PART Meeting April 2009
PART Meeting March 2009
PART Meeting February 2009
PART Meeting January 2009
PART Meeting December 2008
PART Meeting November 2008
PART Meeting October 2008
PART Meeting September 2008
PART Meeting August 2008
PART Meeting July 2008
PART Meeting June 2008
PART Meeting May 2008
PART Meeting April 2008
PART Meeting March 2008
PART Meeting February 2008
PART Meeting January 2008


PART Breakfast August 2014
PART Breakfast July 2014
PART Breakfast June 2014
PART Breakfast April 2014
PART Breakfast March 2014
PART Breakfast February 2014
PART Breakfast January 2014
PART Breakfast December 2013
PART Breakfast November 2013
PART Breakfast October 2013
PART Breakfast September 2013
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Field Days

PART Field Day June 25-26, 2011
PART Field Day June 26-27, 2010
PART Field Day 2009
PART Field Day 2008

Special Events

PART Kit Build February 4, 2012
PART Field Trip to Video Museum
PART Repeater Visit
PART Kit Building

K1P Special Event Station

K1P Special Event Station April 14, 15, 2012
K1P Special Event Station April 2011
K1P Special Event Station April 2010
K1P Special Event Station 2009
K1P Special Event Station 2008